Caribbean Chef Launches New Book In London

A West Indian chef is launching his new cookbook ‘Taste Of The French Caribbean’ in London at the end of March.

St Lucian-born Denis Rosembert has packed the book with foolproof recipes which can be created at home with a minimum amount of fuss.

‘Taste of the French Caribbean’ artfully ties together Mr Rosembert’sfavourite family recipes with unique island flavour and history. He decided to write the book partly due to demand from customers at his ‘Chez Denis’ restaurant in Norwich who wanted to know exactly how he makes his signature dishes.

“So many people love the way I cook, I cook everything from scratch. Everything is marinated. People ask: ‘How can mutton be done tenderly?’ I marinate it for eight days. It’s more than just using salt and pepper, you have to allow the meat to really absorb the herbs and spices,” he said.

Mr Rosembert,59, who once practiced judo in the London borough of Newham before he trained to become a chef said he pays special care and attention to all his recipes and buys fresh local produce from the market in his adopted city of Norwich.

He said his love of cooking started when he was 6-years-old after studying his grandmother’s cooking in St Lucia.He credits her for showing him how to make creole hot pepper sauce,fresh conch salad and Cajun catfish.

“St Lucia back then was like a third world country, we didn’t have electricity or gas. We’d go hunting and fishing and I’d have to clean and prepare all of it myself.

“Any excess fish we had – a lot of Tilapia – we would sell to the old ladies. I think my entrepreneurial spirit started from that,” said Rosembert who was recently in St Lucia on a promotional tour.

The book will be officially launched at the Greenlight Youth Club in Bow, East London On March 31 where Mr Rosembert will be reading extracts and explaining a few of his recipes to the audience.
He plans to make a donation to the sickle cell society on the night.

“I love what I do and because I love what I do, everything has to be perfect. I enjoy meeting my customers. I’ve done well for myself and I feel like I should give something back,” said the sprightly looking martial arts grandmaster who is now the face of West Indian cuisine in East Anglia.

A popular young singer from the Caribbean will be performing on the night. She will be singing from her Kwayol album which will blend in with the French Caribbean atmosphere that is anticipated on the night.Copies of the books will be on sale.

The launch will be held at the Greenlight Youth Club,223 Bow Road, London,E3 2SJ
Date : Friday March 31st
7- 10 PM
Food and refreshments will be provided.

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