Video Producer Cons Nicki Minaj Of $100,000

A Videographer has defrauded hip-hop artiste Nicki Minaj and the producers of her music video “Pound the Alarm” of £100,000.

The man  who cannot be named for legal reasons and  is known to Nicki and her entourage took more than £100,000 to render services towards the production of the music video and delivered nothing.

The Trinidad-born singer  who was in the island to help put together her new video is said to have approached the video-maker about shooting the short music film in the country of her birth.

Things took a turn for the worst when Nicki arrived and the producer was nowhere to be seen. This created a production and logistical nightmare  for her entourage.  A quick thinking member of her management team immediately employed local film director Benny Boom, who helped bring the project together.

“He helped save the day for Nicki.” said an insider from the oil rich twin island republic. “Benny  was there at the right time and the right moment. He was so pleased and went out of his way to shoot the video for Nicki.”

A report has been made to the local  cops  in the Caribbean isle by Nicki’s agent. A  police spokesman said that the  case is being investigated  as a breach of contract.

No one involved wants to go on record to confirm the identity of the individual, but  according to a showbiz  source  the suspect is a well known entertainment mogul who manages a  fete production and soca arenas project.

A spokesperson from Nicki’s  music label  revealed  that the man took money from them and did not deliver on any of the services agreed on.

The spokesperson also confirmed that a report was made to the police and that they expected to have the funds returned  shortly.

“London Alley Entertainment did file a report with the local Fraud Squad about an individual in Trinidad receiving money from them to provide services involved with the local end of producing the music video for ‘Pound The Alarm’ by Nicki Minaj. At this time it is not a case of fraud, but being treated as a breach of contract. We are also confirming that it is around the sum of $100,000 and we are expecting that the money will be returned without legal process,” the spokesperson said.

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