Chilli From TLC Devastated By News That Boyfriend Is Engaged To Another Woman

TLC singer Chilli is devastated after learning the man she loves, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jn., has been keeping a big secret from her – he’s engaged to another woman.

Chilli, real name Rozonda Thomas, hooked up with Floyd last year during the first season of her  reality show What Chilli Wants, which  is  about her finding true love.

But after Floyd stood her up on a date, she ended the season with another man. That relationship quickly burned out and the pugulist was back as her date last month.

“Chilli kept going back and forth with Floyd, hoping he would commit to her.” said a source close to the reality show star. ” But what she did not know was that Floyd has been engaged since september. Chilli is not happy about this at all.”

Chilli,39, has a 13-year-old son and wants to have another baby “before it is too late,” said the source. “And she was hoping it would be with Floyd.”

Chilli and Floyd has been friends for several years, and he recently hinted that they might eventually be “more than friends.”

But she discovered the Boxer’s deception when his fiancee,model Shantel Jackson, made headlines for a bikini photo shoot. The accompanying story revealed that she had been engaged to Floyd Mayweather since September.

“The whole time he was flying to Atlanta to see Chilli, he was seeing Shantel behind her back.” adds the source.

Floyd is based in Las Vegas, where he has a home. Feeling betrayed Chilli, now says she is done with Floyd.

“The most important thing to Chilli is trust. Floyd has lost a good friend and he knows it.”

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3 Responses to “Chilli From TLC Devastated By News That Boyfriend Is Engaged To Another Woman”

  1. Val

    I knew he was seeing someone else..Read between the lines hun. Floyd wanted to spend time with his boys, he said. Then he was cold at times….I thought Floyd is also worthless and childish. He throws his money at your feet, like he is a God, which he is not. Sell those earrings he brought you and get some money out of them…LOL

  2. Thea

    Thats soo messed up. The whole point of the show was to find someone “eligible”! That was a really dumb move on his part. That’s y Chilli, and hundreds of other good women, including me, a are single.

  3. Nat

    I know that I’m so late on this story but black men need to grow the fick up and stop being so dine selfish and a cheat. They have no integrity and no honor!! Believe me women, let them have those white women, we are better off without them.

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