George Bush And Condoleeza Rice Affair Revealed—Love Letters To Condi From Bush Found At White House

The Intimate love letters that that ex US president George Bush sent to his Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice, have been found in a stash of missing White House emails and could spell curtains for the former President’s long-troubled marriage, a close source reveals.

The love letters are part of 22 million electronic messages from the Bush administration that were thought to have been destroyed. The documents were recently recovered by computer experts after a watchdog sued the government to obtain information on other activities by top level Bush officials.

Sources say the explosive notes are bound to set off another round of fireworks between Bush and the former first lady. “These emails are the smoking gun” Said the source “It’s likely the whole world will soon see them, and Bush won’t be able to hide from his words.”

The messages are believed to have been sent between March 2003 and October 2005, when sources say the Bush marriage was already strained. “George is absolutely panicking and shaking” a friend of  America’s  ex-commander-in-chief reveals. 

Rumours were rampant over the last three years that Bush,63, and Condoleeza,55, were having an affair. The talk sparked bitter arguments between Laura,63, and her beleaguered husband-and at one point she stormed out of the White House to spend the night at a nearby hotel.

Laura had her suspicions about what was going on between the pair but could not prove anything. A slip of the tongue by Rice almost gave things away when she referred to Bush as “My husband” at a dinner party in Washington- and Bush returning the compliment by calling Rice “My date” during an overseas trip together.

“The president says that during his lowest times he reached out to Condi and talked in detail about his loveless marriage to Laura–and once he even told Condi he wanted to be by his side” said the source.

Things got so bad that by the time the Bushes left the White House they were living in separate places. He is living on the ranch in Crawford, Texas, while Laura stays at the £2 million house in  Dallas that he bought for her.

Now the newly discovered emails are sure to spell even more trouble for the ex-president, experts say. “Thought George and Condi have always denied having an affair, laura never really believed him” reveals the source “There was too much smoke, too many rumours.

“Now if some of those 22 million emails turn out to be love letters to Rice, George is going to have a lot of explaining to do”

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7 Responses to “George Bush And Condoleeza Rice Affair Revealed—Love Letters To Condi From Bush Found At White House”

  1. Harriet Wilson

    she is hot and intelligent and he was lonely. So what. I am glad for the both of them.

  2. RioSam

    The ONLY good thing about it: it wasn’t with a kid or another man.
    That being said, it is still totally repugnant. He should have gotten a divorce first then do ‘whatever’ with ‘whoever’

  3. Fern Woodfork

    Bush Dipping In The Chocolate I See!! LOL

  4. whatjournalists!?!?

    Good God. This is like the “Telephone” game little kids play where they sit in a circle, are given a simple whispered phrase to pass along to the next kid, whispered in their ear, only to have it get to the end of the long group and be revealed as something else entirely than was started with.

  5. patt reid

    I don’t believe it. Condi is way too smart, way too pretty, way too “set” in life to lower her standards that much. The intellectual difference alone would be a turn-off for her!

  6. Margaret

    What would Condi Rice possibly see in that moron hic George Dubya Bush?

  7. dem patriot

    Complete garbage.
    The article makes no sense and the responses are from haters.
    22 million emails?! Are you nuts? He was a busy president – had a lot to take care of. And he was in bed, with Laura by 10 PM.

    And Condi – she is a classy lady , herself. She definitely respected her boss, but she is not like the Clintons or the Kennedy’s.

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