Britain’s Top Voodoo Priest Reveals Why He Is So Popular

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU –  By Amy Fallon 

Althoug the spirits forbid him advertising, voodoo priest Malcolm Poussaint is doing a roaring business in London. In fact, the 80-year-old, who is originally from the West African nation of Benin Republic, has become somewhat of a celebrity, all through word of mouth. 

Poussaint is now so successful that he has his own agent and commands a small fee for all interviews with the media. Over the years he’s claimed to have helped everyone from high-profile judges to drug dealers by the ancient practice of influencing the spirits, which is conducted mostly in Benin, Togo, Haiti and London. 

But it was the case of the torso in the Thames that really pushed the prolific magician into the limelight. The child’s torso was discovered in the Thames back in 2001. When the body of the youngsterr was discovered the priest was approached by a top Tabloid and was featured in a news story. 

This led to him being contacted by the police, who too requested his help  with the baffling murder mystery. Following that he went on to help a number of West African celebrities, a high-profile footballer and even a soldier currently deployed in Iraq.”I have helped loads and loads of people who come to me for advice and assistance.They can range from sportsmen to the ordinary people on the street to soldiers fighting in Iraq.

They all come to me so I can help them out. I afford them protection from harm and those out to hurt them. Those trying to bring them down.Most of them know about me and about Voodoo and what can be achieve through it and that is why they come to see me”. 

In the case of celebrities Poussaint who will not name the high profile footballer or any other celeb for that matter says he came to see him when he was about to move to another club and needed some form of protection and good luck to see him through his new contract. 

The most successful voodoo priest in Britain, says his client was happy with the work that he done for him and came back to personally thank him. “Yes he came back to say job well done and I was very happy for him. He says he will introduce me to a few other footballers who may need my help and advice”. 

His most recent case involved performing an exorcism on a black soldier deployed to Iraq, so the man would stay safe. “The young man was about to be deployed in Iraq and he had heard about me through his friend and came to me.

” He said he was scared of going out there since he has never been. He said that the black soldiers are being targetted especially by the Iraqi insurgents and he feels that they will deliberately target him because he is black and would like me to do something for him to be safe and to return home safely. And that is exactly what I did.””

However his main clients are men who are cheating on their partners. “I Have had loads of women coming to see me because their husbands or Partners have been cheating on them.Before I undertake any work for them I normally try to find out why is it that their men are cheating on them?

“I then do a reading and inform them and finally work on keeping their husbands at home. It’s hard work this one. But I not had any complaints from anyone I have helped”. His tricks are top-secret and involve things such as lemons and spirits of black cats. Although Poussaint insists he’s “not a miracle healer” he boasts a high rate of success.. 

“If I can’t do something I will go and find some other priests who can,” He  adds. But while he mostly performs exorcisms to help people, the practice can also turn nasty. Poussaint claims if anyone threatens him he can put a spell on them so —-(to stop them from harming him) some terrible fortune will meet that person – although he’s never had to resort to this yet. 

 “I will only act in self-defense and only if provoked. I can give back as good as I can get”  Says the sprightly and youthful looking Poussaint “In everything that we do in life there is always going to be people who may not like you and as a result try to wish you bad. I don’t wish anyone bad as I believe in good karma and in helping people find solace in their lives. I will defend myself only if attacked and I will not resort to violence”

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