Puff Daddy’s Latest Baby Mama Speaks Out—By Memona Tsehaye

Sarah Chapman has come fighting back, after she had been in a dispute with her arch rival Kim Porter. The two ladies, both mothers to superstar P.Diddy’s children, have become increasingly eager to get the story straight, which all began with an interview given by Porter, in Essence magazine.

Although it is surprising that Porter has decided to come forward with her side of the story now, several months after her official break-up with P.Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs; it was even more surprising for Chapman, who did not appreciate Kim’s comments regarding her relationship with the mogul or her pregnancy.

In an exclusive interview with Sandrarose.com, Chapman said that she was shocked to find that Porter claimed she had never met her and was not aware of her pregnancy, until after she had discovered she also was expecting twins with Combs.

Angered, Chapman says: “She definitely knows who I am, [Kim] knew about my pregnancy prior to her getting pregnant. In fact, Kim and I met [Sean] at the same time.” Through the admission of Porter, who found out about Chapman’s pregnancy through a friend, decided to keep the news to herself- including Combs.

She thought having been blessed of becoming a mother for the third time, (she has 16 year old Quincy Jones with former partner singer/producer Al.B. Sure and Christian, 16,  fathered by Combs), it would be too stressful to waste her thoughts on things like Combs straying? Porter explains in the interview.

” But I wasn’t even on it like that because I was pregnant, and what was bubbling inside me was a blessing from God. I couldn’t let my energy be on that.

” Over the years, Porter has been criticized on several occasions, for looking like a doormat and just keeping up with Combs infidelity. Any other woman would have probably reacted differently, as Chapman expresses her worry and amazement to Porter’s statement:”The scary part is that any woman can be with a man and not even mention to him ‘oh, I heard you got another woman pregnant’ – that’s really scary. For the longest time she never mentioned my pregnancy to him. She kept it a secret to herself so it wouldn’t take the shine off of her,” said Sarah. “I thought [Sean] was lying, but he said Kim never mentioned my pregnancy to him.”

The very humble Chapman, 35, is a Spelman graduate, a liberal arts women college. She strongly emphasizes that she doesn’t seek the spotlight- unlike Porter, 39, already an established model and actress. Given the opportunity, Porter had always enjoyed the spotlight, red carpet events and just generally carried the pride in being ‘Diddy’s girl’. “That’s not for me. I don’t enjoy that. I’ll let Kim have that” says Chapman.

Surely, it must be difficult to find yourself in a situation like Chapman, having a child by an international star such as Combs, and being portrayed the other woman.

Women literally throw themselves at his feet, much to the amusement of Mr. Combs of course. He proudly portrays this image of being a successful businessman, producer and musician, who under no other circumstances puts his children first. When twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie James were born, Dec. 21, it was a subject that could not be avoided, it was in every publication.

However, Chapman quickly jumps to Combs defense and only has positive things to say about him:”I know it sounds very cliché, but we really are friends.” Chapman was eager to make it evident that the main reason for this exclusive and only interview she has given is to ensure she is portrayed in a positive light, as she has never tried to sell her story or fight for Combs attention.

Over the years she has soldiered on, focusing on her number one priority, raising her daughter. Chapman said of Porter:”Now that she’s lured me out, let me paint the picture. I don’t want anyone else to paint the picture. I need to have a voice. I want to be heard. She also took this opportunity to squash rumors, regarding a million dollars, which was apparently given to her by Combs, in order to terminate the pregnancy.

She was furious at these allegations:”If he gave me a million dollars I wouldn’t be calling him every month for child support,” she joked. “I mean, he pays me on a monthly basis, but there are rumors that he offered me a million dollars hush money.” It’s clear that Chapman is a lady, whose main focus is the well being of her daughter, yet is fiercely protective of Combs, being the father of her child. Yet, she’s eager to tell her story on a national forum, for the sake of her reputation that up until this point has hardly been heard of.

She said: “I don’t have a voice,” she said softly. “I don’t have a forum to speak about my child. He has the forum. I’m not a superstar, he’s the superstar. He’s the person that should be out there acknowledging his child. I’m going on with my daily life and raising my child. We do what we do. We go to Sesame Street and the zoo,” said Sarah.

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